Catching Up

Good morning everyone! I have been away for so over a week because last Saturday we lost power due to a blown transformer, and then after we got power, none of our cable, internet, wi-fi, or telephones came back on. We lost ALL connection, and since Verizon is on strike, it took them 8 days to get out here and fix it!

FINALLY, yesterday they came in the morning and got everything back up and running. It was tough without the internet and TV for a week! You don’t realize how much you need something until it’s gone!


So, to celebrate me being back, I have a yummy recipe and a great week of workouts to talk about!

Here’s my new favorite lunch!

Kale Fried Egg Salad




Feta cheese

1 egg


So just throw together the greens and feta, cook a fried egg, put the fried egg on top, and drizzle some balsamic, and there you have it!


Now, for my week in workouts!

4/25- Lifting day

Monday’s are pretty much designated for lifting and cross training, so I did a nice full body weight lift and 20 minutes of HIIT on the elliptical. I usually do a variety of squats, lunges, glute work, an ab circuit, and some bench pressing and shoulder stuff. I am always left shakey!


4/26- 7.1 mile run

On Tuesday I added in some fartleks to my run. I would pick up my pace and work really hard for 0.10 miles and then run a nice easy pace for 0.40 miles. I did this for 7 miles with Speckles and felt great!


4/27- 8 miles

On Wednesday I did a nice steady pace 8 mile run with Speckles. I just ran by feel and ended up running pretty fast and strong. This run was always completed with Speckles.


4/28- 6 miles

This run was all about running easy and going with how my body felt. It was a nice way to end before my rest day!


4/29- REST DAY


4/30- 12  miles

I love my Saturday long runs! I decided to go for a nice 12 miles, and I ended up running really strong the whole time. I LIVE for these runs! My half marathon is only 23 days from this day!


5/1- 7 miles

This was a nice recovery run with Speckles the day after my long run. I love just running slowly and listening to the birds on these days 🙂


Total miles: 40.1 miles

Strength workouts: 1 gym, 1 kettleball/resistance band

Total cross training: 1 HIIT


Have a wonderful week!


Bad runs: What’s going on?

I am going to be completely honest with you and say that this week of running SUCKED.


I got all runs done, but they were not easy whatsoever, and they were really discouraging. You know, you work so hard to get stronger, faster, and be able to run longer, and when a short 6 mile run leaves you feeling so sluggish and drained, it really hurts and gets you feeling down.

It really got me thinking, what’s going on with my body? Is it a physical thing, or mental? Am I just having a mental block where it seems worse than it is, or am I actually struggling because of something physical going on with my body?

Am I lacking something in my diet, like iron? Am I not eating enough carbs or protein or fat, or am I eating too much of something? Am I not hydrating enough? It really could be anything, but what I came up with was allergies.

Yes, allergies. The pollen count in MA is already really high. I usually don’t get allergies, however; when outside running for an hour or more, I am breathing in the pollen constantly, which can causing the trouble breathing. My legs have felt great, and it’s literally my lungs that are hurting. I finish a run gasping for air, and that’s just not something that happens to me. Sure, I usually finish runs breathing heavily because of the effort I put in, but gasping is not normal. My lungs hurt and I just feel like I can’t go on.

This seems about right with the way my runs went this week :/

Turning this into positivity 

Why get stuck in the past? Bad runs have to happen in order to have good runs, so ya know what, I am welcoming these bad runs with open arms. I still managed to get 29.45 miles in the last 5 days! I also got in my cut back long run of 10 miles today. Was it pretty? NO! But did I do it, YES! I have a whole month before my next race to get my mind and body straight, and I WILL be ready on race day. I have been working hard with running, lifting, stretching, and keeping my body healthy, and there is NO WAY I am going to let a little breathing issue hold me back!

Even after bad runs, I feel great and happy and thankful I am able to exert my body this way, so yes, I am thankful for bad runs, good runs, long runs, short runs, runs with my dogs, sluggish runs, hot runs, cold runs, treadmill runs, etc…. I can run and for that I am grateful. I will not get discouraged and down on myself, I will push through!

I am strong, I am healthy, I am able.

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the good and bad runs! 🙂

What NOT to say to a Vet Tech

As mentioned in my “About” Tab, I am a veterinary technology student. I am going into my senior year and graduate next year as a CVT!

There are some questions that really irk us vet techs, and I am going to make these questions or statements known, because chances are if one of use hates the question, all of us hate the question!


  1. Are you going to become a vet?

UGHHHH, NO, I am not going to become a vet. I would rather not go to school for 4 more years, which translates into 6-8 years because of how hard it is to get into vet school (sometimes takes a couple years) and residencies. I want to be a VET TECH. (We do more than the vet anyways)

2. Why would you do that, you make no money.

Seriously, do you think I don’t know that? I am doing this for the love of animals, not for the money. Plus, I can work a side job while working as a vet tech, so please don’t lecture me on the money I won’t make.

3. So do you cuddle puppies and kittens all day?

No, I don’t cuddle little critters all day. I am too busy placing catheters, running blood work, cleaning up vomit and blood, clipping nails, walking dogs, assisting in surgery, monitoring anesthesia, doing dentals, recovering animals, etc. You get the point?

4. Vets are a ripoff 

Please, tell me how the vet and techs saved your pets life and then go on an s*** on them about how expensive they are, how they overcharge, how they are just trying to get money out of you. Trust me, a vet goes to school because they LOVE animals, not because they want to scam you out of money! Same goes for the vet tech.

5. My dog is hacking up blood, what should I do?

Yes, I understand I am in vet tech school and soon to be a CVT, but if your dog is vomiting blood, has diarrhea, can’t move, etc, call your vet! Don’t rely on me to give a diagnosis or treatment because if something goes wrong, I don’t want to be blamed. The vet is your best bet!



So pretty much, DON’T ask me these questions or make any of these statements because it will tick me off! LOL


Happy Weekend!



Tips for Running in New England

If you live in New England, you know that the weather is pretty much unpredictable.

One more you wake up and it’s 55 degrees and sunny, the next morning you wake up and it’s snowing and 30 degrees, and the next morning you wake up it’s 40 and rainy.

With this unpredictability comes the frustration of not knowing what to wear, dressing too warm or not wearing enough, or having to take a run to a treadmill because of snow or ice.

Two women run down Mountain Avenue in a snowstorm.

Here are some of my tips for being a runner in New England!

  1. Don’t pack away your winter running clothes until the summer! You never know when the temperatures are going to dip and you want to make sure you have some warm running clothes ready to go!
  2. Don’t pack your summer running clothes away ever! Randomly in New England, you can get a 65 degree day in the middle of winter (Christmas this year was 70) and you don’t want to be sweltering in warm, fleecy clothing!
  3. Have a gym pass or treadmill available at all times! You hear on the news that it’s going to snow a lot, and wake up in the morning to nothing, or you hear it’s only going to snow about an inch and wake up to a foot of snow. You want to make sure you have a treadmill for those unexpected snow storms!
  4. Have a blinking light for dark runs or headlamp! Because of moving the clocks forward or backwards, some part of the year is dark, while the other part is light. I started off the year going out in the pitch black and coming back in the pitch black, to going out when it was already getting light out and coming back to complete day light. You want to make sure you are always ready for dark runs, so always have some time of light on hand!
  5. Have more than 1 pair of running shoes! You could go out running in the sun and get caught in a downpour, especially during humid summer days or spring evening. You want to make sure you have at least 2 pairs of sneakers so if one pair gets wet, you have a dry pair for the next run.
  6. Be careful where you step! After a winter of plowing and shoveling, the sidewalks and roads are very bumpy with a lot of potholes, and you don’t want to roll your ankle in one of them!
  7. Most races are in the Fall and Spring, so when looking for a good race, look between the months of September and November and March and May! There are lots of summer races, but the races can get REALLY hot. I ran a half marathon in July and it was 80 degrees. It did not go well!
  8. We have the best Fall ever! Running in the snow is beautiful! Summer mornings are perfect, and Spring flowers are beautiful! Be thankful for the weather and atmosphere we get to run in! There is really nothing like it!




Running as told by a dog

Don’t you just wish we could know what was going on inside a dog’s head? I know I do. And that’s why I am going to use the perspective of a dog to explain running!


  1.  Ready mom, ready, ready, ready? Let’s run, let’s run, let’s run!
  2. Come on, come on, come on, I’m ready to run!
  3. Boy, this is awesome! Just you and I mom. Woohoo I LOVE running!
  4. Sprint mum, we have to catch that squirrel! HURRY, hurry, HURRY, mom!
  5. Oh my god, was that a turkey?!?!?! What was that!?!?!
  6. Oops, I have to take a tinkle! Wait mom, wait!
  7. Uh-oh, time for number 2. Hold on a sec mom!
  8. There’s a dog barking, lets stop and say hi!! Come on mom! Awww man, I guess we’re not stopping!
  9. Come on mom, run faster! This hill isn’t THAT steep. Com on mom! FASTER!
  10. Weeee we’re almost home! I’m thirsty!!!
  11. Ohhh, another squirrel!
  12. Wow, that truck scared me! It was loud!!!! I’m scared!
  13. Woohoo, the neighborhood, we’re almost there!!
  14. One last turn, run faster!!!
  15. 15. Yay, we’re home, time for some water!!




That portrays my dog pretty accurately! Her minds always racing and she’s always go-go-go!!! She keeps me moving!

My favorite’s Monday

There are many new things that I have tried lately, and they have become some of my favorites!

  1. Starbuck’s bottled, unsweetened, black coffee! It saves money and is super time saving and convenient.


2. Trader Joe’s Dill Pickle Popcorn: If you’re a fan of pickle flavored everything (like me), this snack is for you! It is so satisfying. It literally tastes like a pickle!


3. Earth Balance PB Popps: Alright, I guess I’m on a popcorn crave. These are phenomenal! They are popcorn bites covered with peanut butter flavored soft granola. They are so mouthwatering good and good for someone with an ultra sweet tooth like me!


4. UrbanHalo Headbands: I discovered these headbands at a race in St. Petersburg, Florida last year. They are a small company of a husband and wife who make these headbands. They can be worn thick or thin depending on how you like it, and they have countless patterns and solid colors! I own about 10 of these 🙂


5. Brooks Women’s Chaser 3″ Running Shorts: These shorts are short but not TOO short. I had when they flap up over your butt when you’re running. These flow freely and are perfect length. They are long enough where there is no chafing but short enough where you’re not swimming in shorts!


6. Glider discs for workouts: I love these things! They are so versatile and are great for strength training. My favorite moves on these are mountain climbers, different ab workouts where you pull your feet in, reverse lunges, and so many more!


7. Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, and Chicago PD: Why  not throw in some of my pleasures? These 3 shows are my absolute favorites! I love how the actors and actresses all make appearances throughout all 3 shows, and I love every single character! I have always been a fan of Sophia Bush (since One Tree Hill: another best show ever), and I love Dawson in Fire. AHHH if you haven’t watched these shows, seriously, watch them!



These are all of my recent favorites, from food, to workout gear, to TV shows! Give these things a try and let me know what you think!


Happy Marathon Monday and Patriots Day!


New recipe: Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins

I really hit the jackpot this time! These are a winner! My mom and even raved about how delicious and unhealthy they tasted, yet they’re SO much better for you than a normal pumpkin muffin from say, Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks or the local grocery store.

This recipe excludes any oils, butter, sugar, and even flour!



2 1/4 cups of quick oats blended up until it is flour-like

9-10 tbsp of natural maple syrup

1 cup of pumpkin puree

1 teaspoon of cinnamon

1 teaspoon of baking soda

1.5 teaspoons of baking powder

1 tablespoon of vanilla

2 eggs

1/2 teaspoon of salt

1/2 cup dark chocolate chips

Combine all of the ingredients in a bowl, add the chocolate chips and fold in. Place into muffin pans with liners and bake until the top is crispy and doesn’t feel soft anymore. Use a toothpick to determine if necessary.


Or in this case, a healthy muffin that tastes like a cupcake!